Vintage Wax Box: To Break or Not to Break?

We get this question a lot, and the short answer is: if you enjoy opening packs, go for it!

When purchasing unopened product, buying from a trusted source, a well respected dealer or a major auction house are the best options. If you want the gold standard in the wax industry, we recommend buying from Baseball Card Exchange directly, or product from other sources that has been wrapped and sealed by Baseball Card Exchange.

Now you have your sealed product purchased from a reputable source in front of you. Do you open it in the hopes of some high grade gems, or leave it sealed and tuck it away in the safety deposit box? Opening unopened vintage product can be a lot of fun, but there are of course inherent risks involved. Odds are the cards are going to have centering issues, print issues, possible corner dings, gum stains, etc., along with no guarantee of pulling the star players from that issue. That is the unfortunate but honest truth. However, if you manage to hit a centered run of cards, it could turn into a gold mine with the grading companies. When breaking a vintage box, just know that the case is more likely to be the former than the latter.

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